You know what they say. It all starts with a dream…you just need to chase it.

From a shared love of fashion, Myriam’s Mom has long been her inspiration which lead her to create her own jewelry brand Mimia Leblanc.

Mimia Leblanc jewelry is made using exceptional diamonds and precious gemstones set in 18-karat gold. The Pieces are meant to create a jewelry wardrobe that seamlessly transitions from coffee to meetings to day and night.

The unmistakable hallmarks of Mimia Leblanc include an edgy take on symbols, delicate designs with big impact. Look for supersized rings, or veer towards drops and dangles, crescent Fleurs de Lys pendants or updated star motifs to explore your ultra-feminine side. One-of-a-kind reworked vintage and antique pieces are also available through the old coins collection, all personally sourced and reimagined by the Mimia Leblanc who enjoys designing and working to ensure that every piece is perfectly wearable for women of all ages.