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about Mimiac Leblanc

How it all started

How it all started
After an enlightening and successful career in the Parisian fashion industry, Mimia LeBlanc, an inspiring lifestyle entrepreneur and fashion influencer, walked the entrepreneurship path and motivated thousands of Arab women to follow their dreams, just like she did.

Combining her innate and developed passion for fashion and luxury with her business knowledge, Mimia went on to become a distinguished business woman, diving into a career in luxury consultancy in Dubai, Paris and Beirut; and launching her own brand “Mimia LeBlanc Jewelry” in 2016.

With so much skills up her sleeve and experience in her hands, Mimia’s brand gained popularity and success, attracting numerous Arab and International celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Saad Lamjarred, Haifa Wehbe, and many more.

Mimia LeBlanc Jewelry

Mimia’s own jewelry brand, offers the most luxurious experience, uniquely designed with meaning, and crafted with the finest material. Mimia LeBlanc Jewelry’s success prompted her to share her masterpieces on an international level, opening in Printemps, Paris, and in Burj Al Arab, Dubai.

Redefining Jewelry

From meticulous craftsmanship to merging modernism and vintage touches together, Mimia Leblanc’s masterpieces embody youth, energy & love. Using only the finest materials such as 18 karat gold, diamonds, sapphire, ruby, opal, turquoise, coral, and mother of pearl, her jewelry brings together vibrant cultures and refined allure. Through creativity and meaning, Mimia Leblanc’s pieces are destined to be passed from one generation to the other. Carrying a meaning and a purpose, each piece is sensual and unique on its own. Inspired by her Moroccan Arab heritage, she strives to give women the opportunity to dream, explore and simply make a statement with what they wear.

Meet the Founder

“I’ve always been amazed by precious stones” says Miryam Labiad.
Miryam has spent most of her youth designing bracelets and necklaces from her mother’s jewelry box. After spending hours observing her mother weaving her magic as a child, Miryam’s passion for creativity emerged. She pursued her studies in communication and advertising at Sup de Pub in Paris and founded her fashion consultancy agency: Fashion Affair. Today, Mimia’s brand is inspired by her Moroccan royal heritage, emblem, nostalgia and crown collections.

Her collections evoke different sensations and feelings where each piece is an invitation to layer and style beauty on its own. From the first sketch to the final polish, Mimia LeBlanc adheres to the highest standards in Fine Jewelry production. Using extraordinary materials and unexpected combinations, her fine collection allows women to make a statement about who they are and discover their timeless charm. Feminine yet outlandish, her collections connect people to moments in time.


At Mimia Leblanc Jewelry, we are dedicated to providing you with the best luxury experience possible. The brand has expanded internationally, and is now in ABC Mall Beirut, the Paris Printemps Haussmann, as well as the Hotel De Crillon and Dubai’s Burj Al Arab. Returning to her roots, Mimia LeBlanc will also be launched in Morocco.


Mimia LeBlanc’s fine jewelry has captured eyes and hearts of many across the world, and was recognized by publications such as MBC, MTV Lebanon, Elle, Vogue, Grazia, Moje, Hola, ID prestige, Harper Baazar, Scorpio Jin NYC, L’officiel.


Having worked with countless celebrities, MIMIA LEBLANC JEWELRY has been worn by Kim Kardashian, Maluma, Saad Lamjarrad, Haifa Wehbe, Nadine Nassib Njeim, Cyrine Abdelnour, Samira Said, Assala, Angham, and others. The jewelry brand Mimia Leblanc has reached the heights of international fame.

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